NIGEL THOMAS ‘vocally superb, lyrically supreme” as well as “honest, pure and fantastic’

When it comes to song writing, Thomas has never been short of ingenuity. Another track on the album, “Que Sera”, is a magnificent track that combines simplicity with a melodic lightness and melancholia, reminding of pop mastery as we know it from the likes of Elton John or Paul McCartney.

The video for ‘Que Sera’ is one of the first Virtual Reality videos that has ever been shot independently by an artist. Pushing the boundaries of technology, this shooting technique allows you to click and drag the image, making it possible for you to watch the film from a 360 degree virtual space. As such the viewer can play an interactive part while experiencing the video. It is best viewed on a Virtual Reality headset, a smart phone or on a desktop computer at 4k. Directed by Chris Presswell, it has been released on 25th January, the day that Sundance Film Festival kicked off in which VR films are a big hit this year!

Watch the video here:

Nigel’s maturity and musical proficiency is present throughout the whole album. As an all-round entertainer, he has had experience as a musician, DJ and actor. Apart from working with The Foxes Nigel has honed his artistic skills singing and writing for musicals in Leicester Square Theatre or playing one of the leading roles in the British film ‘Candlestick’ from last year. He has even sung for Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.

‘Travelling Man’ has been recorded at London’s Tilehouse Studios with help from Mike Oldfield’s son Luke. The album was mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios just after he’d been working on the latest Blur album and remastered Led Zeppelin.  Apart from taking inspiration from musical heroes such as The Kinks or Elliott Smith the album was also massively influenced by the literary work from Bukowski to Borroughs and Palahniuk.


The album ‘Travelling Man’ and the single ‘Ghost Hunter’ are out on 14th March 2016



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