Liam Browne and The Love release ‘Babygrow’




‘Liam is a born front man who always looks like he’s playing to a stadium- Rowetta of the Happy Mondays.


Liam Browne is the creator of Liam Browne and The Love’s and they have just graced my inbox with their latest release ‘Babygrow’.

Liam Browne and The Love’s already have a cult following in Manchester, and are now branching out to other areas in the UK and thank goodness they are, they are a band not to miss.

‘Babygrow’ is off of their forthcoming album ‘Forget and Remember’ and if this track is anything to go by, the album will be brilliant, it has been described as a crazy cocktail of lad rock, hip hop, folk and electronica, all recorded in guitarist James Fraser’s garage… And what a mixture of genres, now I understand why they are called genre meddlers.

The group have an unusual origin story – frontman Liam was in the Amazon and a Shaman convinced him to sing for the first time initiating his aspirations as a vocalist and a songwriter. He met fellow member James at a Shamanic workshop the following year and from that point on they started making music together.

‘Babygrow’  reminds me of that happy go lucky indie pop, it puts a smile on your face and you soon learn the words to the song so you can sing along, the track kind of reminds me of Jack Penate, it has a similar vibe to ‘Tonight’s Today’.

Check out ‘Babygrow’ here:





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