The Great Divide release intimate EP featuring Robert Wyatt

New -Zealand born, but London-based film composer Gerald Clark aka The Great Divide has released an impressive new intimate EP Ibrahim.

It also features the progressive rock legend vocalist Robert Wyatt, Gerald explains ‘‘Robert liked a jazz album I made 3 years ago. He gave it as one of his ‘albums of 2013’ in an interview. I frequently hear his voice in my head when I’m writing, so I wrote to him and asked if he’d consider it and fortunately he did.’

Robert features on the title track Ibrahim and has perfect vocals for the track.

A future full-length album is in the works, set to include performances from other well-established names including esteemed trumpet virtuoso Byron Wallen, guitarist Neil Taylor (who has worked with the likes of Tears for Fears, Robbie Williams and Chris De Burgh), jazz composer Alex Roth (who has worked with Alice Zawadski and contributes guitar) and West End vocalist Daniel Fletcher (stars in Rock of Ages).

A favourite track of mine is ‘The Gone Away World’. It follows the theme of the EP with a soft start, the lyrics for this track just resonated with me and it made me think about various things past and present, which is what the EP is about, the tracks explore the feeling of being caught up between the ‘old world’ to and the new, feeling a loyalty to the traditions of the past, but unable to fully embrace the value system of the present.


Listen to the whole EP below:


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