Adam Lanceley’s ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’

London based singer-songwriter, Adam Lanceley, is back with his latest rock- infused pop single, ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’.

Adam has proved himself to be an inspiration musician after suffering serious head injuries in a car crash at the age of just ten. Since then, he has proved his doubters wrong, re-learning to walk and talk, and releasing his latest track from his fifth album.

‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ is a reminiscent track that looks back gladly to another time, as suggested by the title. Adam’s signature, punchy vocals lead the track, but this time, they are accompanied by a bright, lilting guitar line that wanders off into the deep recesses of the mind where those fondest of memories are hiding. At times, the lightly overdriven guitar solos and licks even have a slightly bluesy feel to them, nodding towards the wide range of artists that Adam marks as his inspirations.

There is a distinctly summery feel to the track, a mainstay of a lot of Adam’s work, but ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ evokes a warmth found only in the songs of acts such as The Beach Boys who are one of Adam’s primary influences.

When it comes to lyrical inspiration, Adam’s mantra as long as it means something to you’ makes itself evident through contemplative topics and cryptic poetics.

‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ is taken from Adam’s latest album, Postcards From Then… , in which he exhibits more of his unique and often unconventional approaches to songwriting. Nonetheless, experimentalism should never be discouraged, so check out some more on Adam Lanceley here:


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