Twin Peaks ‘Holding Roses’

Chicago psych-rockers Twin Peaks are back with their latest single, ‘Holding Roses’ and its childishly drawn, but nonetheless entertaining animated video.

The video was made by a good friend of the band and supposedly it is based on real photographs. ‘This video features the band in a crazy, crazy world, zooming from place to place always revealing the bigger (or smaller) picture’.

The track itself is arguably a little more chilled out than some of their previous work, such as ‘I Found A New Way’, but it still features their distinctive gritty vocals and garage rock sound that they have built their fan base on.

The guitar work on ‘Holding Roses’ is careful and wistful, lilting along gently as if it were the work of New Jersey band, Real Estate, until the chorus where the track powers up a bit more into a sort of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers anthem.

Twin Peaks’ latest album, Down in Heaven, is out now.




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