Review: ‘Dirty Love’ by Chey

Talented singer-songwriter, Chey is breaking out of the small Welsh village that she inhabits with her storming, powerful single, ‘Dirty Love’.

Spotted by highly-acclaimed producer, David Ezra, who has worked with X-Factor finalists Reggie and Bollie, Chey has joined her vocal talents with David to form a potent combination with a classy, sophisticated track.

‘Dirty Love’ would not sound out of place as the theme tune for a Bond film, but it has a slightly more 90s pop-ballad edge to it. Chey’s beautiful vocals whisper delicately throughout the verses before unleashing their power during the chorus. The violin section provides a fitting harmony to the feel of the track and mixes oddly, yet satisfyingly with deep, dark overdriven guitars in the chorus that create a seriousness to the aura of the song.

‘Dirty Love’ offers a new perspective on a love affair where the woman is in total control. Speaking on the track Chey says “I wanted this song to emphasise the power of a woman, and how she uses her sexuality to get what she wants.” Her originality of influence for the track makes for truly inspired and soulful lyrics that prove that the song is not just powerful, but emotive too.

Chey also notes that ‘Dirty Love’ was written ‘in the heat of the moment, having feelings about someone else can sometimes be the trigger you need to move on from the relationship you’re in. I recorded the vocals the same day it was written to reflect the emotion I was feeling at that time. I wanted the single to be raw and edgy and convey as much passion as possible’.

Overall, ‘Dirty Love’ oozes quality and potency through its professional production, but this would take away from Chey’s supreme gift as a singer-songwriter which should certainly not be overlooked. Watch this space.


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