‘Home’ by James Kennedy

Talented singer-songwriter, James Kennedy, has been on a long road in the world of music but now he is releasing possibly his finest piece of work with his new album, ‘Home’.

James used to be the face of Welsh hard-rock band, Kyshera, who found success touring all over Europe. However, it was this difficult lifestyle that caused James to suffer from depression and the outcome of that was ‘Home’. Evidently, from the album’s title, there was a yearning to return to one’s roots and this is exhibited across the record.

James took a bit of time out from music after touring with Kyshera, but it was this that actually brought him back to his passion of songwriting. His bouts of depression fueled his inspiration and within just a few months, James had written, recorded and mastered ‘Home’. This period of time proved to be highly therapeutic for James, allowing him to gain release through his talents.

At a young age, James became a particularly proficient self-learner and he applied these skills to learning guitar, bass, piano and vocals. He then moved on to the Welsh College of Music and Drama where he developed his craft, before going on to form his own label, Konic Records.

James’ album isn’t out until March 31st, but you can listen to some of his previous tracks here on SoundCloud:








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