Track Review: ‘Say’ by Les Kirsh

Les Kirsh is an artist that you might consider the ultimate songwriter: he’s dabbled in a host of different genres during his many years of penning songs, but on thing has always stayed the same, and that’s Les’ passion for soul music, where his roots lie.

Back in the 70s, Les was inches away from becoming a big name when a car crash sadly put his career on hold. It’s only now, several decades later, that Les has returned to being a singer, releasing three old tracks that have been remastered and modernized by the talented producer, Andy Whitmore.

One of those tracks is ‘Say’; possibly the most soul-esque of the three tracks. A delicate string track opens the song before making way for a simple guitar sequence that sits comfortably underneath Les’ powerful vocals. Soulful backing vocals add another layer of texture, contrasting Les’s voice with a gentle swoon.

Whilst much can be said for Andy Whitmore, re-working the track to fit a modern audience, this would be doing Les an injustice who examples some of his best, most effective song writing. It’s simple, but this is what works best about it – soul is truly at the heart of this track and Les doesn’t buy into any of the gimmicks. It’s no wonder that Kirsh labels his style as ‘modern soul’.

Not only this, but it’s a groove heavy that’ll have you tapping your feet and maybe even having a little dance in the kitchen. Don’t be embarrassed. You know you want to.


Check out more on Les Kirsh here:



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