Track Review: ‘Taxing Times’ by Savannah

The British invasion is far from dead as the ‘Biggest Band In Dawley’ Savannah shout out against oppression with their latest rock anthem ‘Taxing Times’.

The new release is a statement that rock and roll is stronger than ever and plan on putting their mark on the map with their “Madchester” inspired sound. The Shropshire based band are reaching new heights breaking out of their small town and reinvigorating a sound that is reminiscent of the 90’s Britpop era of rock and roll.

The linear structure delivers the subject directly to the listener without overbearing distractions, giving the listener face value and a nostalgic sound that fans old and new will instantly find familiar with this tune.

The song features an anthemic style, with a melody that will most likely be stuck in your head for a while upon listening, with a simple yet catchy pop hook in the chorus which instantly grabs your attention. Including a bridge with a call-and-response stadium rock feel akin to Oasis and The Stone Roses.

Familiarity is a focal point in this track, you are instantly drawn to the characterised vocals and the lo-fi, fuzzy guitars à la Blur, which brings a lot of girth to the track, yet no Britpop track is complete with a set of chords that enforce that “jangly” tonality, ‘Taxing Times’ delivers just that.

Overall, the track feels like a nostalgic yet refreshing trip back to the 90s, Savannah have encapsulated and reminded us of what is most loved about the Britpop era and proving that rock and roll truly is not dead.

Taxing Times is released on the 21/07/2017, for now you can check out their latest content on their social media platforms;


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