Can We Please Take A Minute To Laugh At Trump?

Music and satire have always gone hand in hand, and ‘Satan’s In Heaven’ by Cholesterol Jones is no exception to this rule. In this video for the times, our favourite US president Donald Trump is shown sporting a lovely set of goats legs, devil horns and trident, a look that suits him a little too much…

Check out the video here: Watch the video to “Satan’s in Heaven” here: 

Jones’s track is a great blues number decorated with catchy, authentic guitar licks that weave in and out of a beautiful blues organ. The focus here is the lyrics and the message though so get your best political activist boots on and join Jones in his quest for a true democracy!

It’s refreshing to see someone say exactly what they think in these times of over the top political correctness and molly coddling of peoples precious opinions, especially when they’re doing it through music so keep up with Cholesterol Jone’s and his revolution here!










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