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‘Stained’ by HMLTD

The new video for ‘Stained’ from London based HMLTD is certainly not for the faint hearted.

What’s actually going on the video is difficult to say, especially with the ultra-flashing strobe lights, but there’s a lot a lot of blood and squishy body parts that are more than likely to make you feel a little squeamish.

There’s a definite punk vibe to the beginning of the track, particularly in terms of vocals, but as the song goes on, the band explore a frankly quite haunting realm of dub-style-bass that is accompanied with some terrifying visuals.

Directed by Jenkin Van Zyl, the video gives an intriguing insight into what is to come from HMLTD. ‘Stained’ comes from the band’s debut double single, following on from ‘Is This What You Wanted’.

You’ll have to watch the video to understand.



BIG ZERO-new single ‘Tear It Up and Start Again’

Set for release on Record Store Day 2016, ‘Tear It Up and Start Again’ is the out of this world new single from technologically mindful new-waverz BIG ZERO. Released through Do Yourself In Records on a split 7” vinyl, alongside weirdo-pop legends Bis, the single will also be available to download and finds the band on typical strange territory.

Live dates:
April 23rd – Are You Listening! Festival, Reading
May 21st – Rising Sun Arts Centre in Reading,
May 27th – The Deaf Institute (playing with Bis), Manchester
June 10th – Sub89 (playing with Bis), Reading


Yeti Love want to take you down their ‘Lonely Road’ with new single


Named thanks to enduring love/fear of the vaunted mythical creature, Yeti Love is the musical moniker of songwriters Peter Hamilton and Dave Sears – a folk duo who view the genre as this generation’s punk music, able to articulate about issues and press all the right buttons in all the wrong places.

Hamilton is also influenced by his own ancestry, being half Spanish and, at a young age, falling in love with the folk traditions of home town Galicia. Having started out as a drummer before expanding his own musical horizons, his love of rhythm was informed by this specific branch of celtic roots music. Married to Sears’ intricate, multi-instrumental approach, the result is a hybrid sound unlike any other act on the circuit today.

New single, ‘Lonely Road’, is set for release on June 15th, and you can hear it here:

The pair have labelled their unique combination as ‘alt-rogue-folk-rock’, which is as fitting a description as any. Based in South London, they have been playing together since 2012 and ‘Lonely Road’ is the latest fruit of their labours.

In the years since their foundation, Yeti Love have been slowly building in following an momentum thanks to their thoughtful songwriting and eye catching live show, which has earned them some great online press for their work up until this point. The buzz is building, and in ‘Lonely Road’ they have the right vehicle to continue on that journey.