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Crossover artist Georg Roman releases ‘Forever’

Fusing his favourite genres of classic operatic styles and rock, Georg Roman has unleashed his powerful track ‘Forever’ on the world.

Although the Russian singer-songwriter did always intend to be a musician, formerly pursuing a career in sport, he has certainly found his calling in music, forming his own unique blend of classical-rock.

Classical instrumentation, including a dramatic piano lead and emotive string sections combine with Georg’s powerful voice, making for music like you’ve never heard it before.

Georg has always enjoyed using his whole vocal range when singing and composing for himself, and this style that he has adopted allows him to do so.

In terms of rock, Georg looks up to the likes of Eric Clapton and Joe Cocker, but he when it comes to classical- the greats such as Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo are firm favourites.

Check out more on Georg on his site here:

Matt Boroff reveals his ‘Grand Delusion’ in new video

For a true insight into a songwriting mind, check out Matt Boroff’s new video discussing the concepts and ideas that drive his new album, Grand Delusion.

It can take a long time to fully understand what an album is about, and the cryptic nature of Matt’s lyrics would unlikely change this, but his new record is one worth delving into. With a distinctly current agenda, addressing some of the society’s most pressing issues at this time, Grand Delusion  challenges our perceptions of how we see the world and pushes us to question it.

Matt’s new record has been put together with the help of Alain Johannes from 11AD studios, Jack Irons (former Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam drummer) and Mark Lanegan. Grand Delusion is out May 5th.


Adam Lanceley Returns with ‘Back To The Sunshine’ EP

After being involved in a horrific car crash during his childhood, Adam Lanceley was told he would not walk or talk again. However, he proved the Doctors wrong, showing unprecedented levels of grit and determination to make a full recovery and even run the London Marathon for the Brain and Spine Foundation. As well as this, Adam has forged himself a career in music, recording 5 albums and releasing the new EP, ‘Back To The Sunshine’ on 7th April.

At the time of his accident, not a lot of research had been done into the treatment of brain and spinal injuries, so Adam knows first-hand how traumatic the recovery process can be when the expertise is simply not available.

The Brain and Spine foundation was also in its formative stages when Adam sustained his injuries, but now he is donating all proceeds from sales of the EP to the charity. He says: ‘I know it is a charity well worth supporting so that the trauma is reduced for future sufferers and I am committed to trying to help as much as I can’.

With his new EP, Back To The Sunshine, Adam has been keen to experiment with new production methods and instrumentation whilst still maintaining his signature style. Whilst Adam has been compared to the likes of Lou Reed, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash, he takes inspiration from a wide range of artists including R.E.M, Roy Orbison and most significantly, The Beach Boys. As a result, Adam creates a genre-bending blend of music that evokes a definitive sunny, West Coast vibe.

On a songwriting level, a mix of factors help Adam form the ideas for his songs, but recently he has been looking to his past for inspiration. Locations from Adam’s childhood, in particular, have sparked ideas for him and he has turned these memories into introspective pieces of music that create a mystical grandeur of the power of reminiscing.



‘Home’ by James Kennedy

Talented singer-songwriter, James Kennedy, has been on a long road in the world of music but now he is releasing possibly his finest piece of work with his new album, ‘Home’.

James used to be the face of Welsh hard-rock band, Kyshera, who found success touring all over Europe. However, it was this difficult lifestyle that caused James to suffer from depression and the outcome of that was ‘Home’. Evidently, from the album’s title, there was a yearning to return to one’s roots and this is exhibited across the record.

James took a bit of time out from music after touring with Kyshera, but it was this that actually brought him back to his passion of songwriting. His bouts of depression fueled his inspiration and within just a few months, James had written, recorded and mastered ‘Home’. This period of time proved to be highly therapeutic for James, allowing him to gain release through his talents.

At a young age, James became a particularly proficient self-learner and he applied these skills to learning guitar, bass, piano and vocals. He then moved on to the Welsh College of Music and Drama where he developed his craft, before going on to form his own label, Konic Records.

James’ album isn’t out until March 31st, but you can listen to some of his previous tracks here on SoundCloud:

Mark L. Oakes – ‘Shredded Jeans’

‘Shredded Jeans’ is the beautiful single taken from Mark L. Oakes’ debut album, Call Me The Moon.

With a highly listenable and endearing singer-songwriter style, Oakes can be compared to the likes of his influences such as Tucker Zimmerman, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and Ryan Adams. However, ‘Shredded Jeans’ is most easily identifiable wit the sound of Neil Young which comes through strongly from Mark’s sweet vocal tone and the use of harmonicas in the track.

Mainly tracked at Mark’s home studio in the heart of the Ardennes, the record has been finalised with the help of Londoner cellist Ben Trigg and mastered by Grammy award winner Gavin Lurssen in Los Angeles.

While singles ‘Shredded Jeans’ and ‘Friend From Above (Sleepless Spouse)’ are tinged with soft melancholy vibes, other tunes like ‘Aloof Again’ and ‘None Of These Roads’ display Mark’s wide ranging capabilities as a musician.

Overall, if you’re looking for a well-crafted piece of easy listening Americana, then look no further than Mark L. Oakes’ Call Me The Moon.


Track Review: ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ by The Maladaptive Solution

The Maladaptive Solution are an Orlando based collective of musicians including Brad Beard, Michael Carpenter, Michael Giblin, Jimmy Haber and Kylie Whitney, who create a refreshing brand of spiritual folk-pop with meaningful lyrics.

There is a great deal of mystery surrounding the band and their concept, especially with their cryptic logo which they are hoping will become synonymous with the ideology of the group.

In terms of songwriting, it doesn’t come much more effective than ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’. The band have noted that the music is based on ‘Buddhism, quantum physics, a course in miracles and the science of changing your mind’, all of which are encapsulated within their positive folk-pop songs.

‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ is a super listenable, feel good track that won’t fail in revealing some of your deepest emotions. Although it is a very upbeat, positive song, a range of feelings have been reported upon first listen. For example, many have cried, others have felt a sense of support during a difficult time, whilst some have even been disturbed by the track.

A beautifully enticing sitar-like drone sends the song into a swirling spiritual journey before simply strummed guitars and calming backing vocals join the fray, forming a potent sonic combination. As the song builds, so too does the emotional factor behind the song, and this culminates in a firework display of drum crashes and satisfying guitar solos.

As for lyrics, although the band keep them simple, you can’t doubt that there is a lot of hidden subtext underneath just waiting to be unpicked to reveal its true meaning. As the band suggest, ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ is a ‘form of brainwashing’, and as disturbing as this might sound, it urges listeners to actively engage with the music on an intellectual and spiritual level.

Overall, ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ is a must listen track which the band point out as ‘Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” in less than 5 minutes’; it’s not just a song, it’s a message.

Find out more on the band here:


‘World Breaker’ by QTY

Sounding like a combination of The Velvet Underground and the Strokes, QTY have released their beautiful track, ‘World Breaker’.

Building from the bare bones of drums and clean piano, the track gradually mounts up further layers of lightly overdriven guitar and emotive vocals.

The husky whisper of Alex Niemetz provides a wonderful contrast the the Julian Casablancas-esque tone of Dan Lardner’s vocals.

There’s nothing over the top or flashy here, just good quality, simple songwriting with the perfect recipe for an indie-rock ballad.


Everything Under release ‘Happy Matters’

Chicago based Everything Under produce a unique brand of electro-rock blending influence from 80s synth and 90s grunge.

Consequently , the band have a dark and looming sound that has quickly become their trademark and is exhibited on their latest single, ‘Happy Matters’.

‘Happy Matters’ combines poetic lyrics with deep, droning synths and a catchy chorus line to create a piece of electronic rock like no other. The track also comes with a particularly trippy video that exemplifies the style of Everything Under and what they are doing with the genre.

The band aim to produce music that is more accessible than previous incarnations of electro-rock and as a result, they are reinventing it for the modern age through their distinctive amalgamation of sounds and songwriting techniques.

‘Happy Matters’ is taken from the band’s upcoming album, Where Have The Kids Gone At Night? which is out April 2017.




M’GOO release single from upcoming concept album ‘LOVE AND ALL THAT _ _ _ _’

Jazz trained group M’GOO release ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘ from concept album ‘LOVE AND ALL THAT _ _ _ _’. The single follows the true story by Glen Washington from Snap Judgement, exploring the theme of ‘do we ever really know the person we love?’

The unique track had an entirely unique composition procedure whereby lead vocalist Mike Meighu finds an inspiring story, poem or piece philosophical material and scores the music around this theme. From here the rest of the band re-write the song from a fresh point of view, giving their upcoming album a real improvisational live style to it.

Stream ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”’ here:

Alongside each track M’GOO will release a podcast and visual art exploring the themes portrayed in each track. Below you can view M’GOO’s moodboard for ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘


Twin Peaks ‘Holding Roses’

Chicago psych-rockers Twin Peaks are back with their latest single, ‘Holding Roses’ and its childishly drawn, but nonetheless entertaining animated video.

The video was made by a good friend of the band and supposedly it is based on real photographs. ‘This video features the band in a crazy, crazy world, zooming from place to place always revealing the bigger (or smaller) picture’.

The track itself is arguably a little more chilled out than some of their previous work, such as ‘I Found A New Way’, but it still features their distinctive gritty vocals and garage rock sound that they have built their fan base on.

The guitar work on ‘Holding Roses’ is careful and wistful, lilting along gently as if it were the work of New Jersey band, Real Estate, until the chorus where the track powers up a bit more into a sort of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers anthem.

Twin Peaks’ latest album, Down in Heaven, is out now.