‘Home’ by James Kennedy

Talented singer-songwriter, James Kennedy, has been on a long road in the world of music but now he is releasing possibly his finest piece of work with his new album, 'Home'. James used to be the face of Welsh hard-rock band, Kyshera, who found success touring all over Europe. However, it was this difficult lifestyle... Continue Reading →

New Release – Line Mari’s Debut Album ’21 Days’

Norwegian pop sensation Line Mari has just released her debut album ‘21 Days’. Bursting with fresh young vibes ’21 Days’ demonstrates Line Mari’s powerful and distinctive vocals whilst still having a rock infused edge. Stream ‘21 Days’ here now: https://play.spotify.com/album/01mELWzkBZHvF2d9KfC3dm The album cover itself is really special – exclusively for the first edition, a small amount... Continue Reading →

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