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Lisa Richards blends folk and jazz in new album

A Light From The Other Side is Lisa Richards’ new album set for release on 21st April, and the Australian singer-songwriter has formed the new record from a base of folk and jazz that create an almost unheard of sound for modern audiences.

Lisa suffered during her childhood, with a difficult upbringing that included her mother being involved in a car crash and a lot of substance abuse, even from a young age. Yet it is these memories and experiences that allow her to write her introspective songs in her own unique style,

Taken from the new album, ‘Frank Sinatra’ is an upbeat tune full of delicate shuffling guitar and Lisa’s incredible vocals that occupy their very own private estate in the world of singing voices; you’ve honestly never heard anyone quite like her.

A Light From The Other Side exhibits Lisa Richard’s fascinating and turbulent life story, which is weaved throughout her songs. Set for release in April of this year, the record was also put together with the help of internationally renowned producer-singer-songwriter, Greg J Walker.




Beldon Haigh releases anti-Trump ballad ‘Freedom’

Scottish singer-songwriter Beldon Haigh is set to release his anti-Trump protest song ‘Freedom’ this month. Haigh came up with the idea for the track in a dream and after waking, penned the track in just twenty minutes.

‘Freedom’ has links to his family background as Beldon’s wife is a Honduran immigrant with family in the US who are under threat of deportation from Trump’s policies and he is also a father of three children, one of whom is mixed race. In addition, Beldon’s mother was a pioneer for the Women’s Ministry and was the first ever Scottish female priest in the Episcopalian church – as such, he was raised with an acute appreciation of feminism and women’s rights.

The track takes you on an emotional journey but with touches of humour sprinkled throughout, ‘Freedom’ is a protest song that isn’t too preachy to enjoy.

Corinna Jane returns with haunting single ‘Echoes On My Mind’

Having supported Black Beard’s Tea Party, Marina Celeste from Nouvelle Vague, Leddra Chapman and been a guest vocalist/co-writer with German DJ Mark-Oh, it’s clear Corinna is ready to take the music industry by storm and she does so with latest track ‘Echoes On My Mind’. The latest single explores the universal theme of grief, specifically the grief Corinna has experienced through the end of a relationship.

Corinna has never been afraid of being herself, crafting her own unique brand of piano driven alternative rock. The keen actress, model and radio presenter has a quirky style and personality, which has led to her receiving airplay on the likes of BBC Radio 6, Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing. The haunting song is bound to only gain Corinna more attention and give her fans what they’ve been eagerly awaiting.

Stream ‘Echoes Of My Mind’ here:


Adam Lanceley Returns with ‘Back To The Sunshine’ EP

After being involved in a horrific car crash during his childhood, Adam Lanceley was told he would not walk or talk again. However, he proved the Doctors wrong, showing unprecedented levels of grit and determination to make a full recovery and even run the London Marathon for the Brain and Spine Foundation. As well as this, Adam has forged himself a career in music, recording 5 albums and releasing the new EP, ‘Back To The Sunshine’ on 7th April.

At the time of his accident, not a lot of research had been done into the treatment of brain and spinal injuries, so Adam knows first-hand how traumatic the recovery process can be when the expertise is simply not available.

The Brain and Spine foundation was also in its formative stages when Adam sustained his injuries, but now he is donating all proceeds from sales of the EP to the charity. He says: ‘I know it is a charity well worth supporting so that the trauma is reduced for future sufferers and I am committed to trying to help as much as I can’.

With his new EP, Back To The Sunshine, Adam has been keen to experiment with new production methods and instrumentation whilst still maintaining his signature style. Whilst Adam has been compared to the likes of Lou Reed, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash, he takes inspiration from a wide range of artists including R.E.M, Roy Orbison and most significantly, The Beach Boys. As a result, Adam creates a genre-bending blend of music that evokes a definitive sunny, West Coast vibe.

On a songwriting level, a mix of factors help Adam form the ideas for his songs, but recently he has been looking to his past for inspiration. Locations from Adam’s childhood, in particular, have sparked ideas for him and he has turned these memories into introspective pieces of music that create a mystical grandeur of the power of reminiscing.



‘Home’ by James Kennedy

Talented singer-songwriter, James Kennedy, has been on a long road in the world of music but now he is releasing possibly his finest piece of work with his new album, ‘Home’.

James used to be the face of Welsh hard-rock band, Kyshera, who found success touring all over Europe. However, it was this difficult lifestyle that caused James to suffer from depression and the outcome of that was ‘Home’. Evidently, from the album’s title, there was a yearning to return to one’s roots and this is exhibited across the record.

James took a bit of time out from music after touring with Kyshera, but it was this that actually brought him back to his passion of songwriting. His bouts of depression fueled his inspiration and within just a few months, James had written, recorded and mastered ‘Home’. This period of time proved to be highly therapeutic for James, allowing him to gain release through his talents.

At a young age, James became a particularly proficient self-learner and he applied these skills to learning guitar, bass, piano and vocals. He then moved on to the Welsh College of Music and Drama where he developed his craft, before going on to form his own label, Konic Records.

James’ album isn’t out until March 31st, but you can listen to some of his previous tracks here on SoundCloud:

Tsunami Section explore the theme of karma in addictive ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’

Exploring the theme of karma, Tsunami Section release their debut single ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’. The uplifting pop duo consists of Anna Chiara and Felicia Singson who have gigged in over 100 venues all over the world. In the past Chiara released a solo LP, whereby she worked with London producer David Ezra, but she has returned to work with Singson for this addictive single.

‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’ has danceable grooves, a retro melody and catchy chorus, making it the most infectious single. The track explores the idea that whatever life throws at you there will always be another chance, escaping the negative connotations attached to the theme of karma.

Watch the music video to ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’ here:





Watch the music video to ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’ here:


With danceable grooves, a retro chorus and catchy chorus, the addictive ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’ was written by Oliver Fell-Holden. Exploring the idea thatXthe uplifting single escapes the negative connotations attached to the theme of karma.


The duo have toured and gigged in over 100 venues, performing in locations such as Mizoram, Delhi and Gugaon. In the past Chiara released a solo LP where she worked with London producer David Ezra.



‘The Wayfarer’ by Glenn Harrold

If you’ve heard of Glenn Harrold the hypnotherapist and multi-million selling self-help author, then you’re looking at the same man! Glenn has changed direction somewhat, bringing his secondary passion of music to the forefront of his career, releasing ‘The Wayfarer’, alongside Dean Rhymes.

Obviously a man of many talents, Harrold’s music is inspired by many of the topics that he deals with everyday  in his career as a hypnotherapist. However, for ‘The Wayfarer’, Glenn has adapted the story of the Peace Pilgrim who spent many years of her life walking across America, all for the hope of world peace. Rather than the conventional life experiences and tales of love that so many use as their main inspiration for their music, it is refreshing to see an artist branching out and adapting true stories of others as material instead.

‘The Wayfarer’ marries gentle acoustic guitar with the resonant and pure voice of Dean Rhymes whose vocals perfectly express the emotion behind the story of the Peace Pilgrim.

Glenn’s hypnosis and meditation downloads and Apps have sold over 7 million copies worldwide and are perennial best sellers on Amazon, iTunes, the App Store, Google Play and elsewhere. Glenn has also written 7 books, which have been published by major publishers Orion in the UK and Europe and McGraw Hill in the US.



Jodie H Dunn transforms emotional ballad into a pop anthem

Jodie H Dunn transforms her emotional ballad ‘I Belong In Hell’ into a pop anthem with the help of Andy Whitmore at Greystoke studio. Dunn was disheartened from songwriting after getting signed to an unknown label and having major issues, knocking her confidence. However 4 years down the line she had her first track produced, giving her a motivational boost.

During Jodie’s early teens she was subjected to a lot of bullying, forcing her to change schools in the middle of her exams. However the bullying then developed onto social media, giving Jodie real no escape. After studying at the Academy of Music and Sound, music became Jodie’s diary whereby she expressed her emotions via her lyrics.

‘I Belong In Hell’ was written and performed by Jodie H Dunn and produced by Andy Whitmore, who has worked with major names such as Elton John, Peter Andre and Danni Minouge.

Stream ‘I Belong In Hell’ here:



New Release – Line Mari’s Debut Album ’21 Days’

Norwegian pop sensation Line Mari has just released her debut album ‘21 Days’. Bursting with fresh young vibes ’21 Days’ demonstrates Line Mari’s powerful and distinctive vocals whilst still having a rock infused edge.

Stream ‘21 Days’ here now:

The album cover itself is really special – exclusively for the first edition, a small amount of real gold has been pressed into the ‘21 Days’ logo. The portrait of Line Mari on the cover is the work of upcoming German artist, Pixie Cold, who wanted to be involved simply because she loved the music. On the back side of the CD she has painted Line’s guitar – a special Gibson Custom Shop ES-339, named Mari.

Critically acclaimed previous singles ‘Crush’ and ‘Haters’ from the upcoming album were mastered by studio engineer Christian Wright who has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the pop and rock industry including Ed Sheeran, Keane, Eliza Doolittle and Blur.

Line Mari dreamt of being a musician from birth, dancing in the womb as her mother explains. Although shy at first, by the time she was in her teens Line Mari was writing her own songs and performing. Her shyness has fuelled her songwriter, making her lyrics more personal, emotive and introspective.


Homesick Mick’s ‘Black Hole Friday’ EP

Mysterious singer-songwriter, Homesick will be releasing his debut EP Black Hole Friday on 25th November to cleverly coincide with Black Friday when huge amounts of money are spent at pre-Christmas sales all across the country.

This is also combined with Homesick Mick’s Philip Free Friday campaign in which he is attempting to stop people shopping at the stores of Sir Philip Green due to the fact he has left former employees of BHS without their pensions. Along with his petition, Mick is hoping to get his voice heard and force Sir Philip into repaying the pensions.

The EP will feature four new tracks from Homesick Mick that will also appear on the soon-to-come full length album, The Mysterious Abduction and Return of Homesick Mick, which is set for release January 13th 2017.

Find out more on the alluring Homesick Mick here: