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Matt Boroff reveals his ‘Grand Delusion’ in new video

For a true insight into a songwriting mind, check out Matt Boroff’s new video discussing the concepts and ideas that drive his new album, Grand Delusion.

It can take a long time to fully understand what an album is about, and the cryptic nature of Matt’s lyrics would unlikely change this, but his new record is one worth delving into. With a distinctly current agenda, addressing some of the society’s most pressing issues at this time, Grand Delusion  challenges our perceptions of how we see the world and pushes us to question it.

Matt’s new record has been put together with the help of Alain Johannes from 11AD studios, Jack Irons (former Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam drummer) and Mark Lanegan. Grand Delusion is out May 5th.


Rosie O’Sullivan’s New Soul Infused Album

Having got to the brink of fame on Britain’s Got Talent, Rosie O’Sullivan has returned with some of her best material yet as she aims to reach to the top.

Gaining influences from her family and relationships, Rosie has found that her own experiences make the best material for inspiring her songs. The album is based around relationships and encounters from the past few years but the track ‘No One’ follows the story of true love between Rosie’s mum and dad that she is lucky to see every day.

Brought up with the rousing sounds of Motown, soul and the vibrant style of the sixties, Rosie immersed herself in the unique energy of the music, which has naturally lingered into her own. By the age of eleven Rosie could play both the piano and saxophone and continued to blossom as an artist. She began singing alongside The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain in the 2011 and 2012 BBC Proms and then gained a Bachelor of Music Performance Degree at the London College of Music.

You can find out more about Rosie and check out some of her music here:


Homesick Mick’s ‘Black Hole Friday’ EP

Mysterious singer-songwriter, Homesick will be releasing his debut EP Black Hole Friday on 25th November to cleverly coincide with Black Friday when huge amounts of money are spent at pre-Christmas sales all across the country.

This is also combined with Homesick Mick’s Philip Free Friday campaign in which he is attempting to stop people shopping at the stores of Sir Philip Green due to the fact he has left former employees of BHS without their pensions. Along with his petition, Mick is hoping to get his voice heard and force Sir Philip into repaying the pensions.

The EP will feature four new tracks from Homesick Mick that will also appear on the soon-to-come full length album, The Mysterious Abduction and Return of Homesick Mick, which is set for release January 13th 2017.

Find out more on the alluring Homesick Mick here:

Adam Lanceley’s ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’

London based singer-songwriter, Adam Lanceley, is back with his latest rock- infused pop single, ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’.

Adam has proved himself to be an inspiration musician after suffering serious head injuries in a car crash at the age of just ten. Since then, he has proved his doubters wrong, re-learning to walk and talk, and releasing his latest track from his fifth album.

‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ is a reminiscent track that looks back gladly to another time, as suggested by the title. Adam’s signature, punchy vocals lead the track, but this time, they are accompanied by a bright, lilting guitar line that wanders off into the deep recesses of the mind where those fondest of memories are hiding. At times, the lightly overdriven guitar solos and licks even have a slightly bluesy feel to them, nodding towards the wide range of artists that Adam marks as his inspirations.

There is a distinctly summery feel to the track, a mainstay of a lot of Adam’s work, but ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ evokes a warmth found only in the songs of acts such as The Beach Boys who are one of Adam’s primary influences.

When it comes to lyrical inspiration, Adam’s mantra as long as it means something to you’ makes itself evident through contemplative topics and cryptic poetics.

‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ is taken from Adam’s latest album, Postcards From Then… , in which he exhibits more of his unique and often unconventional approaches to songwriting. Nonetheless, experimentalism should never be discouraged, so check out some more on Adam Lanceley here:

Daisy Hicks to release Christmas Single

daisy-hicks-christmas-without-you-single-cover-finalEnglish-born, Australian-raised singer-songwriter Daisy Hicks returns with new jazz-inspired pop songs that evoke nostalgia, love, heartbreak and paint a truly visual journey. Festive single “Christmas Without You” will be followed with “French Café” for release early 2017.

Being the daughter of legendary jazz drummer Tony Hicks and related to international recording artist Chris Rea (Driving Home For Christmas), it’s no surprise Hicks was going to sing! After being classically trained and beginning her career in jazz, Daisy decided to deviate from her roots and explore her musical horizons. By the age of 19 Hicks had been signed by Concept Music, with whom she released her debut album ‘Mistress’. The album broke in the UK, Japan and European markets with radio play on the likes of KISS, Radio 1 and Capitol.

Daisy’s crystal-clear vocals that soar above the music have been played almost everywhere you can think of, including thousands of shops, bars and airlines around the globe and her track So Much More Than Love featured on the hit US TV series ‘Pretty Little Liars’.

Christmas Without You– written by Daisy and produced by Tim Laws, Pete Craigie and Chris Harvey. Not only is “Christmas Without You a well-crafted song that will be played for years to come, 10% of the digital sales this year will be donated to BBC’s Children In Need

Click HERE to listen to Christmas Without You

Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla gearing up to release ‘Noel Nouvelet’


Joe O’Donnell is famed for his 1977 violin led concept album with Rory Gallagher, ‘Gaodhal’s Vision’.

In 1996 O’Donnell moved to Coventry where he became aware of the Coventry Carol and whilst touring Brittany learnt the traditional Christmas carol ‘Noel Nouvelet’. He decided to blend the two.


Shkayla (Gaelic for ‘stories’) blends traditional Celtic melodies, rock and jazz, creating an entirely unique sound.


After staging and producing ‘St. Patrick Goes To The Punjab’ at Coventry’s Albany Theatre, Shkayla are returning to headline Asian music and dance event ‘Fire and Light’ on Saturday 29th October. It’s expected that O’Donnell will be using his self manufactured 8 string Ceramic violin, giving the group that one of a kind combination of mediaeval English and Indian music.


Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla is now a power-house five-piece able to generate great energy and excitement, and also capable of the sensitivity and delicacy needed in keeping faith with Celtic music.

Check out Noel Nouvelet below:

Manchester act Mercury reshaping jazz with new album Sea Speak and UK tour


“Mercury always engage. Energetic grooves mixed with warmth and lyricism – a perfect combination”

– Gwilym Simcock



Watch album teaser for Sea Speak here on Youtube:



Formed out of a bunch of music students from RNCN, Mercury performed their first gig at the Manchester Jazz Festival back in 2012. Here they were discovered by a group of organisers at the legendary Kings Place in London, who were so impressed by the group’s sound that they invited them to play at King’s Place itself, propelling the band into a new level of recognition.


Mercury has since gone on to be nominated for awards such as the Whittingham Jazz Award in 2013, their lead member Tom Thorp making it to the grand finals of the Taichung International Sax Competition. Developing their sound to incorporate elements of electronica, psychadelia, classical and indie, they have been slowly reshaping jazz for a 21st Century audience, and now have a brand new album in the pipeline titled Sea Speak.

Music for all the senses – Stan Gemes’ creative new album Call of Ancient Love


Call of Ancient Love is the brand new album from Russian multi-lingual spiritualist and musician Stan Gemes.  Its limited edition physical copy sees the artist offering more than simply a sonic experience – also incorporating elements of touch, feel and taste to bring an inventive multi-sensory experience.


The album is packaged into five compartments, each compartment loaded with goodies relating to one of five elements: fire, water, earth, air and space.


The elements reflect the artist’s own worldly outlook, having journeyed all around the globe, soaking up spiritual experiences along the way.


The elements also reflect the worldly themes of the music, which sees Stan blending rock with traditional and tribal sounds from around the globe including Asian flutes, African percussion, Indian choirs and Hispanic guitars.


Listen here:

Introducing “When I Call You” the Brilliant New Single from Musical Mastermind Francisco Bayon.


Francisco Bayon has amassed 20 years of experience as a musician, singer, dancer and producer. His sound champions influences from heavy metal to classical latin, having collected first-hand experience in Cuba studying and performing with local artists. With all his experience he has wasted no time in nurturing his unique craft, achieving an incredibly powerful and high level of artistic integrity. Francisco uses all the instruments that are typical of Caribbean music, such as bongos, congas, timbales, guiro, guira, etc. and takes the instruments out of their original settings bringing a fresh sound to his music.


“When I Call You” came about after an accidental Skype call whilst listening to past productions. This just goes to show the creativity that artists such as Francisco incorporate into their music.


Watch the video here:


Listen Here:



Francisco’s music is a wholesome listening and physical experience making you want to sing, dance and express your emotions. Through this highly energetic and captivating vibe he developed the indentifying phrase “Sing it. Dance it.  Feel it.”


To name a few, Francisco has worked with the famous Italian singer Donatella Rettore and the label Universal making a cover of her popular song Splendido Splendente. The salsa/bachata festivals Francisco has taken part in involve various Caribbean artists well known on the Latin scene, such as Joe Veras, Jc, Pedrito Calvo Jr. and many more. He has also worked with Black Diamond studio in Genoa, and various studios in Milan; as for productions, he works with Yannior Farres (pianist for Elito Revé y su Charangón orchestra) and El Trinitario (singer/percussionist of La Maxima 79 orchestra)


Though he has a lot of experience in the Latin/Cuban areas of music, he is far beyond the clichés of the genres, leaning towards the likes of Pitbull, Marc Anthony and Jenifer Lopez.


Francisco is a highly self proficient artist, often nicknamed ‘The Manager’, as he has his own recording studio and arranges his own empowering tracks. Living up to his nickname he likes to be his own boss working almost autonomously. He also isn’t linked to any particular label which gives him more control over his art and leaves labels fighting over him.



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Brutha White is Leading a Clan of Followers With His Incredible New Album ‘Solitaire Man Blues’

The best way to describe Brutha White’s ‘Solitaire Man Blues’ is perhaps that it needs no real introduction other than that it speaks for itself. Being a well travelled soul he has been exposed to a plethora of cultures and styles of music, evaluating his experiences and his personal struggles he found that blues was his true calling. Blues is often disregarded as something old and past its time but Brutha White has the power to changed anyone’s mind about that silly claim.

Having performed with such acts as the infamous Wu Tang Clan, Samantha Fish, People Under the Stairs and Digital Underground it’s clear that he is adding a zingy new flavour to blues.

Being an avid singer/songwriter blues is not the only music he has performed. He used to (and still does on occasion) perform acoustic hip-hop along the lines of A Tribe Called Quest, whilst also singing ballads for years prior. This is just a few examples of the influences in his music that have aided him in perfecting his craft.

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