Matt Boroff reveals his ‘Grand Delusion’ in new video For a true insight into a songwriting mind, check out Matt Boroff's new video discussing the concepts and ideas that drive his new album, Grand Delusion. It can take a long time to fully understand what an album is about, and the cryptic nature of Matt's lyrics would unlikely change this, but his new record... Continue Reading →


Yeti Love want to take you down their ‘Lonely Road’ with new single

Named thanks to enduring love/fear of the vaunted mythical creature, Yeti Love is the musical moniker of songwriters Peter Hamilton and Dave Sears - a folk duo who view the genre as this generation’s punk music, able to articulate about issues and press all the right buttons in all the wrong places. Hamilton is also... Continue Reading →

Noel & the Pandas with ‘Whip Me’ single

With a gritty, dirty groove pushed by chugging drums, distorted power chords and a spoken vocal that suits the style perfectly, it’s the latest addition to what is growing to be a very strong back catalogue: Alternative rock band from Italy release dirty new track from debut album ‘In the Art of Doom’ ‘Whip Me’... Continue Reading →

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