Sixty Seconds on Songwriting with Lady Geraldine

Often, the most captivating storytellers have survived the greatest tragedies. This couldn’t ring more true of  Lady Geraldine, an artist who has triumphed over a lifetime of heartbreak in order to deliver her most recent masterpiece ‘Little Miss Blue’. The Scottish singer spent her former years profoundly deaf until an operation in her early twenties partially recovered her hearing. Gaining just a part of this sense ignited her love of music in a way no-one who has always been able to hear could possibly imagine. We talk to the Scotland-based artists about the process behind her awe-inspiring music…

How would you describe your music?

A classy, fresh, and unique adult-rock style that combines a hard rock backing with melodic vocals and harmonies.

Which singer are you most frequently compared to?

The closest comparison might be Stevie Nicks…

Did you work on ‘Little Miss Blue’ with anyone notable?

All experienced top Scottish session musicians but it has to be Lawrence Riva, who has engineered and produced tracks for the likes of Big Country, Bay City Rollers, and Wet Wet Wet.

Were there any revelations during the recording process?

In the studio we’ve developed specialist ‘live’ recording/production techniques that add a vibrancy and edge to the recordings.


What do you do when you’re not in the studio?

I’m a respected artist working in oils!

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