Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla Reissue ‘Gaodhal’s Vision’ Irish celtic-rock violinist, Joe O'Donnell, and his band Shkayla are reissuing their classic album, Gaodhal's Vision, in celebration of its 40th anniversary. As someone who has strong Irish roots, going back in lineage to the people who originally brought St. Patrick to Ireland, Joe feels strongly about the heritage of his country and this is... Continue Reading →

Track Review: ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ by The Maladaptive Solution The Maladaptive Solution are an Orlando based collective of musicians including Brad Beard, Michael Carpenter, Michael Giblin, Jimmy Haber and Kylie Whitney, who create a refreshing brand of spiritual folk-pop with meaningful lyrics. There is a great deal of mystery surrounding the band and their concept, especially with their cryptic logo which they are hoping... Continue Reading →

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